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About  TPC  Foundation

The Public Coin, TPC, is a worldwide cryptographic digital currency which is based on block chain, With the technology of bitcoin and counterparty, combining the fair token distribution and security system which is applied to international digital currency crowd funding project.

The cryptographic technology of TPC is the most safe and standard among digital currencies so it cannot be copy or forge with such encryption technology. TPC is reliable, portable, traceable , and can not be stolen easily.

TPC has its own e-wallet app that is also a one- stop function platform, this service include smart contract, real time international payment system, and 24 hours trading platform. Every transaction of TPC is confirmed and verified by multiple units in the network to make sure all transaction is secured and protected.

The unique and most important function of TPC is crowd funding. Anyone anywhere in the world is able to participate worldwide crowd funding project with TPC without going through any complicated application of conventional crowd funding platform. With such a huge population of potential investor, TPC attracts start-ups and emerging businesses all over the world to participate. Viable businesses will be selected and allow all TPC owner to anticipate lucrative crowd funding project beyond your original financial system.